Why Work With Me?

Why should you work with me?   What can you expect?

    • I bring crazy-great administrative skills to the table
    • Mad Skills means more efficiency
    • Along with the skills, I possess dogged determination
    • I am an AssistU trained Virtual Assistant
    • You pay only for the time spent on your projects -100%
    • Your business is my priority. I find out as much about your business as possible to help you with overview and detail
    • My clients and I are in partnership for the long-run
    • I am a mindful business owner
    • I work on a 15 hour per month retainer
    • Because I am conscious of balance in life, I am NOT on call 24hrs per day
    • My standards are high and you can expect that to translate to your support being better
    • The interview process between me and my clients is comprehensive, giving each party a chance to get to know the other

    I have amazing resources.  I am incessantly curious and always learning. I am involved in a brilliant community with tons of knowledge at my disposal! You can think of me as another you with all of the best interests of your business being top priority!

    There is no sense in paying an assistant and then doing extra work to keep them busy. You get more quality time to create, enjoy, and do! Your bottom line depends on tasks being done that are not directly related to your product or service. These are the areas where I can shine for you while you are creating the next new idea for your business.