What is a Virtual Assistant?

Truly, there is not enough room on the page to name all the things that a Virtual Assistant is to their client. The following is a way to begin to think about it.

A Virtual Assistant is a business owner that has mad skills when it comes to finding solutions. Think of an Executive Assistant for a Corporate Executive, then add a little spunk and ingenuity that comes from being their own boss and having to see the bigger picture. This is the person that comes to the table to help you and your business.

A Virtual Assistant:

  • Does have her own business practices and procedures
  • Works remotely
  • Is NOT an employee
  • Works with clients on a monthly retainer
  • Provides creative and administrative help
  • Has her own equipment and office setup to provide excellent service
  • Pays her own taxes, health insurance, business insurance, and all things related to her business
  • Is a partner to your business
  • Has a variety of administrative and managerial skills
  • Has high standards for her business and life
  • May specialize in a particular niche or work with many different types of business owners
  • Helps set goals and carry out the plans to achieve them
  • Works in long-term, collaborative relationships
  • Delivers!