I am committed!

There are certain standards that I have set for my business as well as my personal life and whether we admit it or not, our personal lives and business lives are intertwined.

  • I will never do anything illegal for a client – period.
  • Honesty is critical to me and I expect it from myself and my clients.
  • Compassion is part of my practice. This includes compassion for myself and all beings.
  • Being authentic is crucial. It’s important that you know and work with me as I am, rather than some manufactured representation of me.
  • I am a believer in charitable giving and volunteer for several organizations.
  • Donating my time playing music for fundraisers as time permits is one way that I contribute.
  • Learning is ongoing and I believe in sharing my experience and knowledge with those that want it.

I truly believe that this Universe is abundant and there is enough for us all!

As a member of the AssistU community, I have signed a pledge that requires high standards and integrity. To read more about that click here.