About the Music

Born on the Gulf Coast in Texas to a young couple from Houston, Texas, I was enveloped by the varied sounds and music styles that were also born there.  My childhood influences ranged from George Jones to Gatemouth Brown.  The Z family was always involved in music whether it was Saturday dance night, learning to move to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass or Nancy Sinatra, or sing-a-long night when Dad would pull out his Silvertone and play Rye Whiskey.  There was always music.

There were five children in the Z family and I came smack dab in the middle.  I learned to play a few chords from my sister when I was sixteen and would stay up late nights when the family went to bed and practice and sing.  With a big family, there was always something going on and the guitar became my constant companion.  I went off to school in Nacogdoches, Texas to study biology but after a year, came back to the Houston area to play music.  Starting in the Clear Lake area near Johnson Space Center, I began amassing a following that reflected the diversity of the community.  Soon, bikers, shrimpers, oil executives, astronauts and even the famed Red Adair became fans of Janet Z.  The moniker came about as a result of the space on the marquees at venues I played.  

I have always been able to communicate with my audience, gain their trust and woo them whether performing in Austin or Amsterdam.

In 2005, I released my premier album, Gruene Rain.  (pronounced ‘green rain’)  It was named after the famous Texas Dance venue – Gruene Hall.  Clare Z. and Benny Brasket contributed two songs on Gruene Rain.  It was produced by Bert Wills and Andy Bradley of Sugar Hill Studios.  My songwriting skills were now on display all over the world becoming a particular favorite in Belgium.  After this experience, I began to collaborate with other songwriters in the Houston area such as Jack Saunders, Stevie DuPree and Bert Wills.  Together with Tommie Lee Bradley I wrote some hit songs that appear on my second album, Whisper.  Whisper was recorded in Buda, Texas with Freddie Krc as the producer, Layton DePenning as sound engineer and the finest musicians from Austin and Nashville performing on it including Riley Osborne, Freddie Krc, Layton DePenning, Cam King, and Tom Mason.

I have fronted bands and performed solo and am at ease with either.  I have shared the stage with Asleep at the Wheel, Maria Muldaur, SistersMorales and Joe Ely.  My favorite guitarists are blues legend John Mooney and the inimitable Bonnie Raitt.

I continue to perform at venues across Texas.  Whether  sitting down with just a guitar or with full band behind me, I promise to make it an unforgettable show!