My Story

Day at Rothko1 My name is Janet Zaborowski and I am the Founder And President of JanetZ-VA. Janet Z is what my friends and music fans call me so it seemed organic to create my business with the same moniker.

I began my virtual assistance practice in 2012 after being in the corporate world working primarily in the international shipping industry. This high-volume, high-stress work taught me the skills of time management and clear communication as tools to build strong customer relationships both domestically and internationally.

While this was a great experience and I am thankful for it now, I found myself at the time being quite unfulfilled. It occurred to me that I was spending half of my life at a job that was familiar, not satisfying. There was something missing. I wanted to do something more profound – helpful.

I wanted to help people and be involved in businesses that were changing the lives of others. That’s when I found my business coach/mentor, Anastacia Brice and the AssistU community. It was what I had been searching for! Here was an entire collective of people who were helpers. I had found my tribe, so to speak. Nothing excites me more in my business than working with people who help people and do good things in the world. I call them Do-Gooders!

Growing up, I witnessed the profound effects and lasting legacies of my parents’ doing good for those around them. They were very involved in the community, each in their own way. My mom organized a girl’s softball league and would take children into our home that were in need of a loving environment or were marginalized in some way. My dad was a little more covert. He gave odd jobs to men who were down on their luck so that they could earn money and keep their dignity. Their do-gooding was not really talked about – it was modeled for us. Shown by example. I was imprinted at an early age and continue to be attracted to those that are out in the world making it a better place. That’s why working with Do-gooders lights me up!

I have been trained at AssistU in their Virtual Mentoring Program and am continually learning and providing my skills to serve clients’ ever-changing needs.

My home is literally a few blocks away from Galveston Bay – the Gulf of Mexico. I am still stunned by the beauty of the bodies of water that surround my neighborhood. When it’s not 106 degrees outside, I sit on my back porch and drink coffee and work or pet the kitties. Stillness does not undo me. I enjoy quiet meditation and attend a yearly silent meditation retreat. It opens space for new ideas!

Traveling adventures excite me. I love to spend time in New York. In the past few years, I have had the privilege of staying in Brooklyn for a couple of months out of the year. Thankfully, my business allows this. Walking around and exploring the neighborhoods invigorates me and charges my soul. There are so many museums and parks to enjoy!

My interests and hobbies include reading, writing, playing music, counseling, meditation, and drinking coffee! I LOVE drinking coffee! My favorite spot is a little Vietnamese coffee shop near my home.

Being in a community of like-minded folks is something I treasure. I am actively involved in the AssistU community. This is a group of women that are savvy about business and life and they are willing to share just about anything that they have to help others in and out of the community.

I am focused on social justice and helping out where I see a need and am able. I believe in helping those that are unable to help themselves. Environmental conservation and protection are important to me. I have performed at fundraisers and served on the Board of Directors for the Galveston Baykeeper for many years. I love sentient beings and have done fund raisers and been involved with Second Chance Pets, an animal foster to adoption organization, for the past 10 years. Of course I love kittens!!! Who doesn’t?!

In my book, education is the key to the kingdom! Learning is fun and sexy and I believe that education should be available to everyone. Because I love helping, I went back to school and in 2015 and completed my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. I was an intern at The Women’s Home in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston. My grand plan is use my education to volunteer my services at a local Women’s shelter in the Houston area.

My curiosity keeps me involved in so many different things!