Welcome to Janet Z – Virtual Assistance.

Running your own business is sometimes overwhelming especially if you are a solopreneur (the one and only) and you are trying to increase your business. Seriously, it can be lonely.

What if you didn’t have to do it alone?
What if you had more time to go to the movies? Or that conference you’ve been eyeing?
What if you could connect in a more meaningful way with your clients?
Or spend more time with loved ones?
What if you could bring balance to your life? How is this even possible?!


Being a small business owner does not mean that you must do everything yourself. It does not mean that you have to hire employees to help you out.

You might need a Virtual Assistant. Finally! The answer you’ve been looking for to the question you may not have yet asked.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Someone that works to provide efficient, professional administrative and personal services from a remote location in collaboration with the client. A Virtual Assistant is a business owner and knows the struggles and joys that you experience in owning your own business.

For more information about what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is and is not, click here.

I am a Janet Z. I am a highly skilled professional and am brilliant when it comes to solving problems. When you work with me, you have a way to feel confident and comfortable about reclaiming your life!

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